When you say something and you get ignored. Only 2 people are needed for a Madrid Moment to take place.
Paul: Hey Marcus look at what Michael did to my arm(Gets ignored)Hey Jerry look at what Michael did to my arm(Keeps getting ignored).
Jerry:Hey Paul you just had a Madrid Moment.
by G.I. October 04, 2007
Top Definition
An irrelevent statement said while nobody is paying attention, yet otheres hear it. An official Madrid moment has no response. Also, many madrid moments can kill a joke, ruin a good conversation, or just be dumb as hell.
Jerry-"ya there was this fine chick, big ass, big tits..."
Madrid-"DUDE GUYS; look what michael did to my arm!!! (shows bruise)
Marcus-"Dude you just had a Madrid Moment..nobody cares at all."
by Drew, Giovanni, Marcus, Jerry October 07, 2007
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