A person who walks into a zumba class and makes strange comments. She has a freakishly large nose and rarely looks in the mirror because she is afraid of what she would see. She is daring and rude, she has severe attitude problems but enjoys eating and listening to disney tunes. She has an abnormal obssession with kaaki pants and her skirts look amish.
That Madison is freaking wierd.

Get away from that Madison.
Get Madison away from my pickle jar, she'd eat it in less than a minute!

"She jumps off cliffs?! "What a Madison..."
by PicklePieCake March 30, 2012
Madison is a girl who no one can trust, she will stab you in the back and make out with the guy that you like. She's very unpopular, but thinks that everyone likes her. She obsesses over one friend at a time. She likes to steal your friends. She also things she has huge jugs but everyone knows it's because she wear gigantic push up bra's. It is impossible for a Madison to keep a secret so never tell her anything. Madison has the most annoying voice you could ever imagine. And lastly she is a gigantic whore
P2: Well what do you expect? She's Madison.
P1: True........
by shakethatass12345678 June 09, 2011
A politically disfunctional town in southern Connecticut. A house the size of a small shed costs more than a child on the black market, which is what you need to do with your kid in order to afford the taxes.
I can't afford to live in Madison even after I sold my first born. I'll have to move to Clinton instead.
by Madison Resident December 13, 2005
This town is known for it's extremly expensive beach front property and high academic school systems.

Like most typical New England towns it has more than one country club and several tennis courts. If you don't own a pair of uggs you are considered poor and a rich kid might pay for your grande moccachino at starbucks in town. Starbucks is like the main place to hang out and if you think starbucks is too expensive consider yourself a social outcast. There is a high persentage of preppy kids at the private and public schools. If you don't wear ralph lauren your labled as a goth or complete loser, no exceptions.

Houses here are lots of money unless you live in a huge house in northern madison where the price value drops because your virtually a half an hour away from the beach and twon center. Our town center is dominated by coffe shops where you'll probably see 20 old farts sipping their dark cofee and discussing how they will spend their afternoon boating out on long Island sound,fart bags.

If your house is under 500,000 you are considered "low class" and probably wear Hollister to try and fit in with the preppy crowd but you are so ugly and cheap looking that no one likes you and have no friends. Madison Kids hate nothing more than Guilford kids who think they are the shit, so stay the hell away Guilford Indians!
Every one knows guilford is Madison's Ugly sister town.
Julia: Look at that bitch trying to pull off that skezzy looking Hollister T-shirt she obviously got for like 9 dollars.

Ann: Eww, she looks like such a skank with all that make up!

Julia: She so belongs in like guilford, not madison.
by prep411 January 31, 2007
A girl who is quiet. Doesn't like guys much, short, spastic. She pays attention in class and likes to run... alot! Short, blonde, strong. I'd stay out of her way. Holds long grunges and is strong minded. Not very good with paying attention out of the classroom.
Girl 1: *pokes madison's side*

Madison: HEY! *scratches at Girl 1.*

Girl 1: OWW!
by Hana Flare September 15, 2010
a person that may remind you of a marshmellow if in white. Very chill and cool and fun to hang out with. One who tries to act ghetto but cant. Nice but can be a bitch sometimes.
can i have some marshmellows?
dont you mean madisons!
by nsockerkid8 January 17, 2011
A quiet suburban town in south central Connecticut where you can only live by invitation. Schools are said to be top notch - especially if your special ED. Here in the metropolis of the yuppies mommy will hold your hand and daddy will buy you your new Lexus Z39s model. There is no such thing as the soccer mom car in madison, its more like the soccer mom benz or lexus rollin on dubs.
I came to madison without invitation for the schools. My child is 16 and will be entering the 3rd grade.

Daddy, My car just spontaneously combusted and rolled over the traffic circle 10 times.
by Puff master December 13, 2005

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