usually has brown hair and brown eyes. she makes GREAT friend. she will fight back. she has an unbelieveable booty that all the guys want. she likes when guys touch her. she may have a boyfriend but she still has a crush on another guy.
Damn she has a firm ass!

definition of Madison: hot af
by unknown123456780 February 15, 2015
Someone who for some reason does not have eyebrows
"Hey I heard that new girl is a Madison."

"How do you know?"

"She has no eyebrows."
by i have eyebrows June 27, 2016
Madison is a girl who you become very attached to. She is a very shy and calm girl, but loves her family more than anything. She dosent like to talk about herself, and hates when people compliment her on something she dosnt like about herself. Is very outgoing when you get to know her and has a way about her that you can and will never forget. Madison is most likely a brunette with hazel eyes and a controlling personality. She has a nice (booty) and hates when people chew loudly. But take your time and get to know her. She is simply a madison
Can we go out sometime?
Madison: beg first and treat we right, and then maybe.
by Morgggggygm April 06, 2016
A Madison is much similar to a Maygan- starts off cute and sweet and adorable, but then as she grows into a young lady she starts developing the body of her mother, tall, slander, lots of junk in the trunk, and a large chest. Madison though is sweeter then a Maygan and nicer, but they are both a joy and a gift to know.
guy1- "Did you see Madison with Maygan earlier?"
guy2- "Yeah they give me boners just looking at them."
guy3- "Heck, they give me a boner just thinking about them!"
guy1&2- "Hell yeah"
by kickabrick August 08, 2011
A name given to a girl who is a musical genius. She has the most angelic voice that can even hit a c sharp. But at night she is extremely kinky and runs to the forest, just to meet up with a jackalope. All in all, she is a sweetheart.
Person #1: Have you seen Madison?
Person #2: Yeah, she just left to the forest a little while ago, why?
Person #1: Oh...:o
by smhdjf5683 August 04, 2011
mental wreckkkkkkkk! very weird, almost autistic but not really. she is kinda of ok looking. mostly blurryfaced. great at sucking dick. really smart but not school smart so if you mess with one of these bitches she might fuck your day to hell. if that makes sense. may have an extensive drugs use/past. Scary creature of the night. but not really. Madison's can be small in height. Beware of your nuts. really great in bed but might make you bleed like a lot. She's loyal and kind. Clever and sweet but fuck with her and she'll make you into meat. make sure to feed her lots of mashed potatoes, or like just potatoes. lot's of sugar but dont worry she should be diabetic but isnt so just give her juice and tacos and chocolate. play lots of COD Zombies, minecraft and sometimes borderlands.In the mornings madison's can be extremely dangerous. make her coffee things will work out waaaayyyyyy better this way. Make sure you can smoke a lot of weed if you want to be her friend or her boyfriend ;) but some weird dude might find her super sexy cuz she just might be and she probably has a boyfriend. Hyper activity is common in these girls. she could be really young but she's been through hell and back already. watch out she's coming and so is karma... followed by revenge
Madison is a fun time ;0 ;)
by abi~dabs July 22, 2016
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