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A politically disfunctional town in southern Connecticut. A house the size of a small shed costs more than a child on the black market, which is what you need to do with your kid in order to afford the taxes.
I can't afford to live in Madison even after I sold my first born. I'll have to move to Clinton instead.
by Madison Resident December 13, 2005
161 193
A quiet suburban town in south central Connecticut where you can only live by invitation. Schools are said to be top notch - especially if your special ED. Here in the metropolis of the yuppies mommy will hold your hand and daddy will buy you your new Lexus Z39s model. There is no such thing as the soccer mom car in madison, its more like the soccer mom benz or lexus rollin on dubs.
I came to madison without invitation for the schools. My child is 16 and will be entering the 3rd grade.

Daddy, My car just spontaneously combusted and rolled over the traffic circle 10 times.
by Puff master December 13, 2005
28 61
Madison is a really wealthy town where the population is like 99% white. And the crime rate, it's like negative 100. the family income for the town is over 100,000. That beats out almost every town in connecticut except the super wealthy like greenwich, New cannaan, westport, and farmington. Excuse me if I'm missing any other towns but I just can't think of any that top Madison's breathtaking neighborhoods. Madison is great if you have kids because the neighbors have tons of kids and Madison has 3 beaches. One public and 2 private. madison public schools are known to beat out some of the highest schools in the nation and Has to well approved private schools Such as Country Day School.
Clinton Girl: Look at that rich bitch from Madison.
by prep411 January 31, 2007
110 146
an ugly fat ginger bitch who fucks everyone shes very fat and also has madileg she has a saggy vagina. resembles a wizard sleeve and/or a clown car. park a truck in that mother fucker. tends to have a lot of freckles but cakes them with makeup that is tan even though shes as pale as a kkk hat and/or casper the ghost. too many pimples for even someone who works at not sure how she gets any guys because shes a grundle choe
yoh look at that piece of shit with saggy skin under her boob she must be a madison
by blnkt July 19, 2011
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Madison is a typical New England town located in Connecticut (near Mystic Seaport) on the shore of the Long Island Sound. The population is comprised mainly of wealthy summer-residents with primary houses in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The quaint, preppy town is known for having picturesque sunsets, many extravagant homes, and beautiful beaches. The Madison Beach Club and country club provide activities like tennis, swimming, golf, sailing, and motor boating. These members only clubs also offer a variety of social events and gatherings for the entire family.
While summering in Madison, I drank a couple of LITs(Long Island Iceteas) and hooked up with my tennis partner after I took her sailing on my boat.
by Madison Summer Girl March 15, 2006
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Madison is a suburban town located in southern connecticut, near new haven. The houses here range from 500,000 - 10,000,000+. Lots of New Yorkers like to build huge houses down by long island sound. (the beach) They know it's a bit cheaper than Greenwich, New Canaan, and Darien, But it's still desirable.
Madison is an overall preppy town.
by DeAnda May 14, 2007
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The state capital and 2nd largest city of Wisconsin (235,000). It is a major college town and home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers. THE UW campus is among the largest university campuses in the country with some 50,000 or so students. This is the best thing about Madison. You should be around the campus in the summer. My head does a lot of turning with all the women; they are hot.

Madison lies on a narrow isthmus between Lakes Menona and Mendota. Its largest economic activities include government, education, healthcare and food processing. Oscar Mayer and Kraft have major plants there.

Madison is also Liberal with a capital-L. Several of its city council members are openly gay, the city is home to the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the city puts heavy restrictions on religious displays in public (forgetting that we have a US Constitution that allows it). Madison has even been called "the People's Republic of Madison," "the left coast of Wisconsin," and "70 square-miles surrounded by reality" due to such idiotic politically-left views.
Despite the liberal mindset of Madison, it actually is a very fine place to live if you can take the winter.
by krock1dk April 22, 2008
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