That evil cousin who is always laughing maniacally in the backroom.... she'll steal your spoons if you don't watch out. She cannot be trusted under any circumstances.
Guy Cousin: "What's that noise?"
Girl Cousin: "Sounds like a witch's cackle..."
Both Girl and Guy Cousin: "Madison!"

Madison: "Look its a penguin!"
Girl Cousin: *looks where she pointed* "I don't see anything." *Turns back around* "DAMN IT MADISON! WHY YOU STEAL MY SPOON?!?!"
by Cousinisaspoonstealer May 29, 2011
Madison's are very sexy and attractive people and they are very freaky and sensitive.Madison's likes to be spoiled and likes attention, they also have huge butts😜
*Omg! Becky look at her butt, its so big*
*Yeah buts its not Madison*
by Crav3able January 08, 2015
the hottest girl around

giant jugs

big melons

a hot teen named after the movie Splash
one dude- woah have u seen madison

another dude-whos madison

one dude- idk but shes probably hot
by sexygirl123456 February 19, 2011
a girl who is a bitch sometimes but mostly is a beautiful person and likely very pretty and indeed sexy AF
madison, SEXY BEAST
by nikki jackson November 23, 2011
As you all know, if your name is Madison and your were born in the late 80's or 90's then you were named after the fabulous mermaid from the movie Madison is the 80's. Your are confident, sexy, and most likely in the center of attention the majority of the time. Of course, you put yourslef there. If you were named Madison before or after this time, boo who on you.
You're a scorpio, then you must be a Madison!
by Maditotheson January 18, 2008
Usually a spoiled little blonde who is a slut at most and tries to steal everyone's man she has blue eyes and blonde hair and she is always taken and likes ten other guys also
"Omg have u seen Madison she is such a slut"
by Hdodxhijc December 21, 2014
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