Name of girl, usually in her teens. Typically has brown/dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. Comes off as shy, but really the comedian of all her friends. Every guy wants her, but nobody knows how to approach her. Doesn't realize how pretty she truly is, and hates when people say so. Madison is the best kind of friend to have, and an even better girlfriend. If you know a Madison, go out and get her! Hurry before anyone else does, because once she is involved there can be no others. She is a one guy kinda girl. Very trustworthy, caring, and kind.
Guy 1: Did you see Madison today? She was looking HOT.
Guy 2: Yes! I think she checked me out!
Guy 3: Are you kidding me? She has a boyfriend. She definitely wasn't checking anyone else out.
by MysteryGiiirl October 10, 2011
The type of girl that made me fall in love with her.
A Madison is the most beautiful girl in the world and will always put a smile on your face. If you find a Madison, hold on to her tight, you'll want her forever.
Madison made me fall in love with her in less than 2 weeks because she is amazing.
by Jill<3 May 22, 2010
An extremely stunning woman! Often have brown hair, well built and the kind of classic beauty that every guy wants. Very common name among teenagers. A fascinating preson, very easy to talk to. Lots of friends and few close friends. Not likely to be seen in a group of more then 10-15. Often the person that many people go to for advice. Will give you all her trust, but once it's broken it's hard to regain. Sometimes very particular about who she is in a relationship with. Often sticks to the same taste when it comes to boyfriends. Is the kind of girl that wants a man to treat her like a princess, not a piece of meat. Will be-friend anyone but often attracts very creeper/stalker-ish guys. Very fun personality, loves to laugh and very fun to be around. Usually the comedian of the group. Go out and find yourself a Madison!:)
Guy 1: ddaayyyyuuumm! Did you see that fine ass piece of gurrl just walk byy?

Guy 2: Bro! Thats Madison. Shes one finne piece of worrk! Mm Id love to have one of them!
by my_m!lk$h@ke_br!ngs_the_b0y$ August 24, 2011
Madison is a very great girl.
she has been my bestfriend for a very long time.
i don't know what i would do without her.
she is beautiful, awesome, fun, and my bestfriend.
you would be lucky to find someone else like her.
Madison will always be there for you and you can trust her with anything !
i love this girl.
Madison is the greatest.
by lula. September 09, 2009
a common female name.
when most people think of madison the think blonde hair blue eyes.

while this is true there are much more characteristics that accompany this name.

Madison is a nice person who knows how to deal with problems, the right way. She is extremely smart. Though she tends to get angry easily, she is an all around good person.

Madison is not a "girly-girl", in fact she is anything but.
She isnt afraid to take charge and lead a situation.

she loves to help her friends and feel appreciated.
Madison will take care of it.
by edwardskitty May 14, 2009
A very nice, smart, beautiful, and funny girl (or in some cases, but very rarely, a guy). Loves to have fun, and people love her (or him).
guy1: dude, that girl is so funny!
guy2: she is such a madison!
by inuyasha_girl1234 April 04, 2009
A fairly common name. Usually the name to most pre-teens and/or teenagers.
Madison's tend to be popular, outgoing, EXTREMELY hot, and with the advantage of being popular, they know just about everyone's secrets.

"Damnn, Madison is so FINE!!!"


"I wish I could be popular like Madison. She knows everything about everyone."
by Lil Jayyyyyyyyyy October 22, 2008
Someone who is outspoken and sexy she has an amazing style and is tall and tan and has brown hair. shes fun to hang with and will make a awesome girlfreind, all the girls are jealous of madison and they wish to become her.. she has a laugh that could make anyone laugh along with her.. She is simply AMAZING! Jersey Shore Gives this itlian a bad name.
Boy 1; Madison is the best person every

Boy 2; I know dont wish you were dating her

Boy 1; I do

Boy 2; To Bad BITCH! im dating her already!!! FUCK YEA!!
by jerimaih Harhyg December 27, 2009
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