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1. A rather stupid way of spelling 'magical' when making a typo.
2. A rather perverted way of spelling 'magical'.
3. Something as magical as one's dick.
4. 'My dick jiggles' in polite language.
5. Something that is simply too awesome for words.
1. Harry Potter is a very madickagical book- Oh, wait. Oops. I meant to type magical!
2. Babe, you're so madickagical.
3. That thing is so cool.. It's almost as magical as my dick. I'm going to say it's madickagical.
4. Madickagical, if you know what I mean.
5. That is just.. Amazing. Awesome. Fantabulous. No, not fitting. It's.. It's.. It's madickagical!
by Muw September 21, 2009
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