Low priced everyday goods from China. Generally associated with poor quality but is not true in many cases. If it weren't for 'Made in China' goods', you'd pay 50% more for everyday goods (because imported Chinese products are far cheaper than local products). Most 'Made in China' products are safe to buy, except for the ones in dodgy packing or without a use-by date.
I know alot about 'Made in China' products because I'm a Chinese person living in the US.
by Skyboy September 07, 2005
Top Definition
the label you, ironically, find on american flags.
The little white tag on the lower right corner of the American flag says "made in china". What a surprise.
by care-line October 16, 2006
A tag that is tagged in any products made in China which are cheaper with low quality. Made-in-China a.k.a Chinese products are usually bought by cheap-fuck husbands who think saving money is better than saving children's lives.

Chinese products usually imitate other country's products, they don't care about copyright infringement because they don't read alphabet, all they care is selling their products worldwide.
Example 1.

In the car on their way to Uncle Robert's house.

Kid: "Daddy, I want KFC."
Dad: "No, sweety, we're going to have lunch at Uncle Robert's house."

5 minutes later.

Dad: "Oh look, let's pull over, it's KFC just like you want."
Kid: "But it says "Kentucky From China."
Dad: "At least it has "Kentucky" in it, so it is "KFC."

Example 2.

"Man, I just find out that my underwear was made in China."
"No surprise, everything is made in China, even we were made in va-China."

Example 3.

"Tony, what are you drinking?"
"No, just Coke my parents bought from China."

Example 4.

"Why do you keep eating those sweeties made in China?"
"Because I want to meet Jesus sooner."
by Ertceps March 06, 2014
A shorter phrase to indicate that something doesn't work.
Man that shiz doesn't work! It must have been made in China!
by Jook Gal May 28, 2004
a synonym for something which doesn't last long.
girl : darling , where is that watch i gave you on your birthday this year.
boy: ohh.. that was probably made in china .. it stopped telling time.
by yesitsgd February 28, 2016
A tag commonly translated as "Don't swallow this or you will die from lead paint."
Johnny, that toy care says, "Made in China" on it. Stay away. Come Johnny we're going home to get you a toy that is a bit more expensive.
by Felishia September 07, 2008
piece of shit
If something is made in China, it's a piece of fucking shit. Don't buy it, unless you hate America, in which case, fuck you.
by gizmoduck January 03, 2012
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