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A beautiful girl that has every guy after her. She is usually not VERY tall, but not short. Just general height. A Maddy Ann is smart, athletic, and is very funny. She achieves almost ALL of her goals, has a GREAT metabilism, and can make about anyone laugh at anything. She has a great sense of humor and laugh. Everyone is always jealous of a Maddy Ann, and will do absoloutly ANYTHING to make her feel bad because they are jealous. Some other types of people will try to become friends with a Maddy Ann because of her "coolness." But she always has true friends by her side.
"Dude, I just hate a Maddy Ann, she's UGLY." (Said with jealousy.)
"Man, I wish I was invited to Maddy Ann's party, everyone will be there!"
"Gosh, I wish I knew how to talk to a Maddy Ann."
"Maddy Ann is GREAT at sports!"
"Wow. I wish my girl friend would at least try to be like a Maddy Ann."
by Realistic Dreamer February 04, 2010
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