Extreme Fattness...anything involving being fat, lazy, sloppy, ugly, and conservative.
Quit acting like Maddock
by Ashtar2 May 16, 2006
Top Definition
An attention seeking, cockblock who is very uninteresting as well as a dirty jhezz whom shows signs of being "extremely easy" and "always horny".
Jack: Me and Sam fingered her at the same time.

James: She's a Maddock.
by UltDonny00 November 01, 2012
A small penis.
"That guy has a maddocks"
by samysam11 August 31, 2014
Similar to a male reproductive organ, see also cock. Also used to describe the flaky bits of semen on the end of a penis. It is also the term used by many cultures for aids.
"Oh my god you stinking whore! you gave me MADDOCKS!"


"You Giant MADDOCKS!"
by Danny Hunt September 20, 2005

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