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Extreme Fattness...anything involving being fat, lazy, sloppy, ugly, and conservative.
Quit acting like Maddock
by Ashtar2 May 16, 2006
An attention seeking, cockblock who is very uninteresting as well as a dirty jhezz whom shows signs of being "extremely easy" and "always horny".
Jack: Me and Sam fingered her at the same time.

James: She's a Maddock.
by UltDonny00 November 01, 2012
A small penis.
"That guy has a maddocks"
by samysam11 August 31, 2014
Similar to a male reproductive organ, see also cock. Also used to describe the flaky bits of semen on the end of a penis. It is also the term used by many cultures for aids.
"Oh my god you stinking whore! you gave me MADDOCKS!"


"You Giant MADDOCKS!"
by Danny Hunt September 20, 2005