A ninja that goes around town collecting lamps from children
Did you hear there was a robbery of lamps it must of been a maddie
by Chickenscanfly136 March 15, 2015
A very smart lady who gets a lot of friends cause she is very nice and caring and is very sweet to babies and animals
by April Lynn September 05, 2015
Maddie is is the most loyal friend you could ever have. She is sweet,kind,generous, she will always be there for you. You could not ask for a better friend!
Me: hey could you do me a favor and watch my dog I have to do some thing
Maddie: of course anything for you!
by Livvyj24 June 01, 2015
An amazing girl that is super nice, funny, and sweet and they are the best people in the whole entire world and everyone loves them. No one can be better than a Maddie.
Hey! I went out last night and I met this amazing girl she was so nice sweet and funny!
Oh man, your lucky she must be a Maddie
by lololol1234567890 January 22, 2016
The most beautiful, wonderful, fun girl you will ever meet, and her boyfriend is the luckiest guy in the world. she's also very undestanding and caring especially about others and their feelings
Dude, Your Girlfriend is so much like Maddie Magraw
by Wiigamerkyle November 16, 2008
An outgoing, sexy, fun girl. Maddie's are super fun to be around and will always bring you up when your feeling down. If your ever lucky enough to meet a Maddie don't let her go!
Guy 1: Hey dude have you met the new girl.
Guy 2: yea she's the best she must be a Maddie.
by Rooksba April 26, 2013
Maddie is usually a sassy girl, with sparkling blue eyes, and chocolate brunette hair. Her eyelashes are long and curly, and she has flawless skin. You'll want to be friends with Maddie forever and most likely will be. Girls, if you know a Maddie she will be the bestest friend you can ever imagine. Maddie is hilarious and out going and absolutely fun to be around. She has her own problems but that's okay because they don't get in the way of her caring about you. Do not get on the wrong side of Maddie, because she tends to have a fiery temper. Don't ever try to challenge her, because she will prove you wrong, and shove your dumbness right in your face. She has a wild side but seems to never get caught, except by her boyfriend. Any guy is the luckiest guy in the world to have her. There's no way to put in words how amazing she is, no matter how much you think about it. Love her unconditionally, and you can have her all to yourself.
"She's BOMB! I fucking love her, bruh"
"Hey is your name Maddie, because I'm looking like your new daddy"
"Can't stop staring, It must be a Maddie"
by xxox June 02, 2016
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