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The nicest and funniest girl in the world. will make you laugh for hours. very beautiful and whoever doesn't think so can fuck off. Is in love with cats. and will be getting 3 very soon
Maddie Deangelo is fucking hilarious

Maddie Deangelo is the best

Wow! that girl is almost as good looking as maddie deangelo
by michael meow April 26, 2012
A girl who you think is the sweetest girl at first. Then, turns into a physco bitch that puts you on guilt trips and tries to commit suicide everytime you tell her off.

Beautiful but ugly. Can talk to for hours and GREAT at sex. She loves someone truly but can hate them at the same time. Very pretty and HUGE boobs. Will send nudes for free.
Causes drama like it's her job. Doesn't care about anyone but herself. I hate her fucking guts
Maddie DeAngelo is such a bitch!

Maddie DeAngelo sent me a nude dude!
by Marc Flaherty December 30, 2011

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