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a beautiful girl whose too precious for any boy and too hot for any girl. she'll make you smile from ear to ear until your mouth hurts and she'll make you laugh until your ribs hurt along with where you'll laugh so hard you'll tinkle. she's so beautiful that she beats every other celebrity there is and she's so perfect she'll make you want to just flush yourself down the toilet. if you don't know her, your life sucks. if you do know her, your life still sucks because you'll never be as perfect as she is.
friend 1: have you seen Madasen today?

friend 2: yeah she looks great!
friend 3: did you see when she face planted on Tapy's backpack?
friend 1: yeah I laughed for hours at that
friend 3: hahaha, I love Madasen

by Megan Fucking Anderson October 29, 2015
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