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She's this perfect girl, who loves Arctic Monkeys and deserves a good-looking, smart boy.
"Hey, I just met this awesome girl..."
"I bet she was a Madalena"
by inspiredgirl December 27, 2011
An adventurous, tomboyish girl. They love trying new things and makes a perfect girlfriend who doesn't mind hanging out with "the boys".

Madalenas love things like zip lining and roller coasters - anything to get that thrill.
They are incredibly pretty, and deserve the best.
"Hey, look at that epic girl on the roller coaster!

Oh yeah, that's a Madalena.
by LilyandJoey December 20, 2012
sexy exotic people.
they are usually a huge mix of nationalities which makes them beautiful.
is a player, but once they find the right one, they are loyal.
wow....look at Madalena! she's hot!
by UrbanFunk December 30, 2011