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Someone who is absolutely awesome, has great traits and does extremely cool stuff.
Gee Isaac just jumped 7 cars on his pushbike. What a Mad Snake!!!!!
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
36 14
a person who posseses admirable or insane qualities
"fuck you're a madsnake"
by ryan July 23, 2003
27 11
Another Way Of Saying Cool, Rad, Sick etc... But This Way Sounds So Much Better And Can Be Used In A Wide Variety Of Situations!
Hey Tony What You Think Of My Bike?
Oh Man Thats 'Mad Snake' Where'd Ya Get It!!

by Curly Did It! March 09, 2006
23 12
someone who goes beyond cool and does something right out there
WHOA! did you see serge and layton jump that roundabout in the cortina? That is such a mad snake move!
by janes addict January 17, 2005
14 8
someone who is extremely good at life/is amazing
steph baked me cookies.. what a mad snake!!! or bryce will lend stuart money because he is a mad snake
by whatsthedifference May 31, 2006
9 7