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A town in Eastern Pennsylvania. The name acutually comes from a Native American word meaning Bear Swamp. It is also know for housing some of the most sexy people to ever live. Although it is an EXTREMELY boring place to most people.
guy 1: Hey, where are you from?

guy 2: The incredible town of Macungie P.A.

guy 1: OMG,I LOVE YOU!
by Forest Love March 24, 2009
N. The patch of skin between the sac and anus.

Also a township in eastern PA.

Synonym for gootch, taint, grundle
There's a horrible rash on my macungie.
by Bdot Whippit March 25, 2011
a small town in eastern pennsylvania, also refered to grungie macunige.
fred:where do you live?

michelle:grungie macungie!!
by shellybabelly February 18, 2009
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