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a person who sexually fantasizes about things much bigger than themselves.
"i'm a macrophile because the thought of being a slave to a 50 foot giant makes me horny"
by Madonnafan June 25, 2006
One who is sexually aroused by giants
Yao Ming's macrophile girlfriend ironically craves asian cock.
by Krystallion44 December 07, 2010
%10 of the population. A person who manages to get a fetish before they hit peuberty... about big people. A lot of them like feet. A lot of them don't. They're kinda weird.

Did I mention they're harder to get out of the closet than homosexuals?
Your brother. And that guy who spends most of his time near the water cooler at work. Did you know that YOU're a macrophile, too? I'll bet you didn't.
by The ANONYMOUS, Anonymous Coward October 21, 2006
People who just can't get enough. Will frequently draw comics featuring themselves in wish-fulfillment scenarios where they are five hundred feet tall, half human, half centaur, half shark, half beetle, half dragon, half gryphon and half fire elemental and have at least eight arms, two penises and six breasts and have sex all the time.
He started out as a common macrophile, drawing himself as a giant hermaphroditic horse man using trains for masturbation, but then it got worse.
by Invisible Queen December 29, 2009
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