Contrary to popular belief, the area known as Macomb is actually Macomb TOWNSHIP. It's not a city, a town, or a village, it's just a sqaure piece of land that's quickly being converted from farmland to urban sprawl as people try to get as far away from Detroit as possible. Although it has a population of over 70,000, Macomb Township is really nothing more than a patchwork of subdivisions and stripmalls (usually containing at least one dollar store and a subway). The unofficial *downtown* is Hall Road between Partridge Creek and Lakeside malls. There is never ANYTHING to do. In summary, Macomb Township is a homogenous little piece of suburbia where 16 year old girls drive Hummers and oversized SUVs, and McMansions stretch as far as the eye can see. Gotta love the American dream.
Person 1: Hey dude you wanna go to Walmart?
Person 2: Which one, the one on Gratiot and Hall Road, Hall Road and Mound, or 26 and Van Dyke?
Person 1: Thank God we live in Macomb Township
#suburbia #macomb township #sprawl #metro detroit #suburbs
by artichokes123 November 03, 2009
Top Definition
A city in Michigan with nothing to do, EVER, and that has no point what-so-ever except to be extremelty boring.
Macomb, MI
#michigan #boring #pointless #dumb #asshole
by blahblahkayla August 28, 2008
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