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One who has an untamed obsession with the Apple product line. These people can turn a simple answer into an hour long dissertation about the superiority of iProducts, often leaving the poor sole who initiated the inquiry of said iProduct frantically searching for a way to change the topic. Suggesting that Apple's are only good for eating, will result in offending these types of people greater than placing a PC loaded with Microsoft products onto their desk.

See also Fanatic.
Manager: "Where have you been, you've been gone for over an hour!"

Employee: "I finally got away from Pat's office, I accidentally asked him about his new iPhone, and he went on and on showing all the features, even showing me movie clips from you tube. I finally had to tell him that Bill Gates was God so I could leave his office."

Manager: "All that time from asking about an iPhone?"

Employee: "yeah, I swear he's a real Macnoweenie."
by A. Richard Hertz December 06, 2007
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