Top Definition
An unusually large penis. Over 10 inches when erect at least.

Synonyms include:

Ollie etc.

Antonyms include:

Sam etc.
Mary: Woah, Brooke, did you hear about David?

Brooke: No, what is it?

Mary: Well, Melissa says that he has a Mackey D, and I'm going out with him tonight!

Brooke: Wow! Really, a full on Chuckles? You go girl! Make sure you practice those stretches I taught you!

Mary: Oh I will! At least I know he doesn't have a Chode like that Justin guy I slept with last week!

Brooke: Oh don't get me started on his Norman!
#cock #dick #penis #massive #big #willy #manhood #erect #erection #mackey d #ryan #chode #chuckles
by TheDoctorDogg May 30, 2008
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