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The antidote to the chronic condition of "Abzism" - a debilitating disease where your mouth gets slowly replaced by a bull's arsehole over years of just being Abz. Presence of a Mace means that Abzism in the affected patient will eventually disintegrate to the realisation that the defective gene "Abz" is nothing more than a big pink softy.
"Your mum is going into abz-a-phylactic shock, give her 10 units of Macejuice. See, immediate response..... she's stopped mooing."
by Lickidemuff April 16, 2005
8 44
a substance which is sprayed at the intruder to burn his/her eyes
"dont forget your mace when its past 11"
by pootytang March 11, 2003
441 133
A heavy spiked metal club used for breaking heads, a suitable substitute for the pepper spray.
So I pulled out my mace....he's in hospital right now.
by caxwl May 25, 2004
349 86
The worst forum owner and admin in the world.
User 1: Have you seen mace?
User 2: Yeah, his fat ass is lazy.
User 1: Lets quit his forum!
by Xaria-Yue January 03, 2013
18 13
a metal pole with a blunt end used for smashing stuff
by The Wraith November 05, 2003
77 77
A persondescribed as manifesting paranoia and delusions of persecution. Also used for a person considered violent and/or creepy. Origin of word believed to be alternative site chatrooms.

Verb variant is "Maced". used to describe long meandering postings demonstrating the above characteristics.
The individual that posts a 30 line message about gay space aliens plotting to take over the earth and how the aliens are plotting with government officials to destroy him is called a Mace. The post is referred to as "Oh the forum was Maced".
by Brent March 07, 2005
18 49
To "mace" somethign, is to steal it from somebody else, usually against the law.

A fair mace however, is completely legal and cannot be solved in a juditional court.

A fair mace only occurs when the person owning the product does not see the product in question getting "maced".
"Dude, you stole my chair!"
"Can't argue with a fair mace my friend"
"Thats true. I'll go sit on this spike."
by edude77 November 25, 2004
40 72