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The severe shock induced when a person realizes the Ronald MacDonald they have been sitting with, eating next to, or hugging on is NOT the ever-present plastic version but a real living and breathing person dressed up as aforesaid character. Primary symtoms include severe shock, difficulty breathing, choking on fries, involuntary soft-drink inhalation, going unconcious, heart attack, spasms and death.

After affects include paranoia, perpetual fear, MacFobia, and other mental conditions.
Joe: happily eating Big Mac on a bench outside a MacDonald's, oblivious to the world.

Ronald MacDonald: "Mmmm, that looks delicious."

Joe: Choking, spasms, runs blindly and crashes into wall, knocking self out.

Jane (observer): "Yes, he got the MacShock all right."
by delta789 January 27, 2009
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