A debate that ends up pissing off either windows or mac fanboys. Also one of the most ridiculous, often childish debates to ever encounter. It's a fucking computer, use what you will, and shut the fuck up.
mac vs pc... nothin else to say
by livehumansinside February 03, 2010
Top Definition
The funniest debate to read and talk about cause uber 1337 nerds get all worked up.
BOB: Did you hear about the Mac vs PC debate?


BOB: Good, cause its not worth the time to talk about it!
by T-Dubs April 02, 2007
The finest example of white people problems on this planet
there is war, famine, and other bad things happening out there and you are going to argue over operating systems? Mac vs PC, seriously?
by xtacoman November 27, 2012
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