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"Mabo" is a word used by urban sports people (skateboarding, surfing) especially in Australia and it means "good vibe".
Man I'm feeling the MABO today!
by Starch Arch January 14, 2009
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An obscure Australian slang word used to define the act of taking something that isn't yours and claiming it as your own. Derived from the Aboriginal land rights activist, Eddie Mabo. Used in verb form, it is a synonym for 'plagiarise'. Used in a humorous context rather than as a racial slur.
Sally shamelessly Mabo'ed her friend's English assay.
by Bogancentral May 28, 2009
a filthy whore
"See that girl over there with the massive legs and squinty eyese? She's a total mabo..."
by Choud December 01, 2009

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