A "man-banana", an erect curved penis
After Pamela touched Tyler's penis, it grew into a beautiful manana for all to see. They both glowed in its presence.
by Quincy Pants December 14, 2006
Top Definition
In spanish, mañana means "tomorrow"
Although if you say la mañana, it means "morning"
Another saying is Mañana, mañana which means "later". This later can mean a week later or two years later. It is very vague.
1: Hasta mañana. (See you tomorrow)
2: ¡Por la mañana! (In the morning!)
3: ¡Mañana, mañana! (Later!)
by Neo Queen Serenity April 18, 2009
New flavor of Powerthirst energy drink
New flaovors of powerthirst now include; manana, fizzbitch, and GUN!
by Kjoz January 31, 2008
1) Spanish for "tomorrow"
2) Spanish for "not today, maybe later"
Employee: When can I get a raise?
Boss: Mañana.
by rcarlson August 08, 2007
when a guy cums in a girls ear, because it doesnt come out until the next day. Derived from the Spanish, mañana, which means tomorrow.
I gave Sam a mañana last night, she called me this afternoon when it finally came out.
by Kevin's Sister Is a whore November 29, 2007
1) The Spanish Word For "Tommorrow"

2) A Word That One Can Shout When Something Glorious In Your Favour Happens. Derived From Expert Poet, H.P Baxxter.
1) See You Mañana?

2) "Aw! Spuggy's Having A Party This Weekend!! Mañanaaaaaaa!!"
by Euan Connelly January 26, 2009
The best flavor of Powerthirst next to Gun.
On the way to my cubicle desk job, i slammed a Manana Powerthirst.

Those are alright. My favorite is Fizzbitch though.

Eh, I don't like Fizzbitch that much, but GUN is pretty dece. I like the aftertaste.
by Austyr April 22, 2009
A mans genital banana
You ladies want to see my manana?
by lunasupreme November 29, 2014
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