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A substance identical to methamphetamine in appearance, price, and ability to cause the arrest of its owner/possessor, transporter, or seller. Mythamphetamine, aka myth, usually has smoking properties identical to methamphetamine, except mythamphetamine has no intoxicating or euphoric effects on its consumer. Rather, myth causes the user to fall asleep, develop a headache, and/or become very angry very quickly. When returning to its solid state from a heated oil, mythamphetamine comes back in random spots, known as cheetah spots or parachutes, rather than the rapid, sweeping freeze-up characteristic of methamphetamine.

Aka: myth, nope, bunk, cheetah, safety dope
"This stuff smokes like a champ but I don't feel anything, I think its mythamphetamine. I want my money back for this cheetah."
methamphetamine meth nope bunk cheetah safety dope speed shit crystal myth tweak tweaker spun ducky woo woo
by TrojanInDebt January 24, 2011