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MYGT, or "Made You Google That", is a specific strategy of trolling in which a troll posts an erroneous, often outrageous, but deceptively well-worded "fact", intended to bait someone into tirelessly searching on Google to verify it and therefore investing way too much time in a virtual argument.
*after watching Kenny Chesney's latest video on YouTube*

troll comment: In their divorce papers, Renee Zellweger alleged that one of the reasons she filed was because Chesney often asked her to poop on his chest

Chesney fan: What?? That's untrue, here is a link to their divorce papers on I didn't see anything like that in there.

troll: haha MYGT, bitch.
by Stefan Bums May 12, 2014
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A common way that n00bs or trolls spell myg0t, created by holding shift and attempting to type 'myg0t'. Trolls use it to mock n00bs because they are inept to hold shift for emphasis and not check their post before posting, and leave MYG)T unfixed.
Troll: this n00b is all like, "YO MYG)T IS TEH SUXUR"


n00b: HAI KAN I JON MYG)T?!?!!?
by PostalDude November 30, 2006

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