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Most Valuable Douche
Tim: Bro it's Monday Night Football woohooo!!
Todd: DUDE I'm so siked!
Tim: Yeah man you bring the guacamole?!?!?!
Todd: uh no..
Tim: Way to be MVD....
by woodenfence January 29, 2011
Massive Vaginitis Disease:
A disease acquired by having too much sex. It causes the vagina to stretch out to a point where almost no pleasure can be recieved.
Charles: I do say, Tiffany needs to use a basketball now if she would like to enjoy herself because of her MVD.
Watson: Quite the shame.
Charles: Indeed.
by MVDdr December 05, 2008
multiple vaginal discharges- nasty stuff to stay away from- when uttered correctly this phrase may be used as a "magic" word to help one in a tight situation such as a card game or an important shot in a basketball game.
(multiple vaginal discharges)...he shoots, he scores!
by the furj March 17, 2004