The abbreviation of Muck Up Day; a tradition that occurs in many schools (mostly private) on the last day of lessons for year 12s. Pranks are pulled on the rest of the school, including kidnappings, stink bombs, cod liver oil on banisters, viagra in the water supply and releasing three sheep labelled 1, 2 & 4 onto the school grounds (the groundsmen look for sheep #3 which doesn't exist). Students also personalise their uniform (rip it up...).

Water guns/bombs are also used and occaisonally students will hiijack the PA system.

School shirts will often be signed with 'MUD (insert year)'.
student one: did you hear that some of the guys hijacked the speakers in the main hall on muck up day? You should have been there...

student two: I can't wait for our muck up day. Wooo! MUD '11.
#muck up day #pranks #graduation #hijacking #havoc #kidnapping
by keep.calm.and.carry.on.x May 14, 2010
A term used for slutty girls meaning, "Multiple Unprotected Dicks Syndrome".
John: The girls of the sorority next door are coming over tonight.
Dave: All of those girls are MUDS...I don't want to catch herpes, get them outta here!
#slut #whore #mud #cunt #mus
by NWMSU November 23, 2009
Acronym for Multi-User Dungeon. A MUD is a MMORPG(also an acronym for Massive-Multiplayer Online Role Playing game) that is mainly text-based. Most MUDs are coded in C++ and free to both play and use. Players can connect to a MUD server via Telnet, ZMUD, MUSHclient, or GMUD.
"One of the more successful MUDs today would be Achaea."
by Patrick Breeden January 25, 2004
Multi User Dimension, Multi User Dungeon, Multi User Domain, aka MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) but on a smaller scale. Usually textbased although a few have graphics and/or sounds. Many MUDs have built in themes.
I play addictive MUDs like
by Gamer January 31, 2004
Multi-User Dungeon.
Many still use this term to refer to a variety of online RPGs, but for the most part, a MUD is completey text-based. Usually the movement of one's character is bound by 'rooms,' or quadrants of area which determine where you are and what you can interact with. Movement generally uses abbreviations for the cardinal directions (n,s,e,w) and sometimes 'in,' 'out,' 'up,' 'down,' etc.
While macros, keybindings and aliases can be created, from the get-go, most commands are typed in, i.e. STAB RAT or BUY SWORD.
MUDs are mainly critisized for being overtly "nerdy" or requiring too much imagination and typing skill. Usually there critisisms come from nearly illiterate RuneScape junkies or snobbish WoW addicts.
Achaea is the best MUD ever.
#mud #multi #user #dungeon #mutliuserdungeon #achaea #imperian
by Ian the Almighty October 04, 2006
Derogatory term for non-Whites
Muds should be repatriated.
#non-white #non-european #asian #black #jew #latino #mestizo #oriental #negro
by Osmium November 09, 2006
A fat S.I.F (secret internet fatty) that uses popular internet sites, such as vampirefreaks, to enhance her much needed sexuality.
A: Hey man, did you see that girl on vampirefreaks??
B: Yeah! What a Mud!!!
#mud #sif #secret internet fatty #muddykins #fat #ugly #stupid
by trexabix May 05, 2009
that niggers in so much mud
#mud #pussy #cunt #twat #vagina
by Dench of ng March 04, 2009
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