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The bands MTV has taken upon itself to call emo.
These include: Taking Back Sunday,All American Rejects,Fall Out Boy,Panic! At The Disco,Dashboard Confessional,30 Seconds To Mars,My Chemical Romance and Afi.
NONE of these bands are emo but MTV is a lazy bullshit corporation that can't be bothered to be original and so chucks the word "emo" at every current guitar band,thus adding to the current emo frenzy.
Now preps are running around high schools telling everyone how emo they are and how much they love Panic! At The Disco.
And it's all thanks to MTV.
Thanks,MTV. You just seem to ruin everything don't ya?
Girl1:"Oooh,I just love Fall Out Boy. So emo!"
Girl2:"Nope,that's MTVmo."
Girl1:"Oh...what about My Chemical Romance? They're emo,they have eyeliner!"
Girl1:"Oh...well Panic! At The Disco SURELY?"
by bandanasarerad October 21, 2006
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Dashboard Confessional,Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance(whil a great band),Story of the year, and other such bands
by David Draper September 10, 2004
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Bands with "day"s in their name are an easy indicator: Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, Thursday. If it was the 80s these bands would have been heavy metal bands. If it was the 70s, they would be disco groups. They would have been Pearl Jam in the 1990s. They all sound the same. Snottyish vocals, poppy rythms, lyrics that admit to being loser-ish. They bear no resemblance to authentic emo groups like Rites of Spring, Moss Icon and Heroin.
What MTVmo group will they manufacture next?
by arrow_keys August 23, 2005
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