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Bad rap with lesbians
The MTV VMA's are Bad
by Izicial August 31, 2003
the most categorizing combination of bullshit thaat even the US government couldnt come up with
The MTV VMA lets kids know that they are slaves to the system
by sean August 29, 2003
Humanitarian organisation that helps retards by giving them awards.
Missy Elliot, 50 cents and Eminem would have been in the streets giving blow jobs for money but thanks to MTV's VMA awards, they can sing shit and actully get rich from it!
by Jim McBob November 28, 2003
MTV - Music Televison
VMA - Video Music Awards
Yesterday I watched the VMAs on MTV.
by Anonymous August 31, 2003
the MTV VMA... Music Tele Vision Video and Music Awards
by TheRook September 01, 2003
Corporate fuckfest disguised as... oh well, I'll give 'em credit, at least they don't bother to disguise their corporate fuckfesting
The MTV VMAs prompted me to buy 100 shares of Viacom stock.
by Screamapillar August 31, 2003
MTV VMAs- an award show on M.T.V. (music television) for music videos.Also known as the video music awards.