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MTFC means Matt The Fat Cat. You can usually find this unusual creature hanging around places such as kitchens, hatches, Bases, Ice lakes, Runescape, Xboxs, or PS3s. The diet of MTFC consists mainly of Cheesy bites and Potatoe waffles covered in a large layer of salt which is usually 2 millimeters thick. MTFC seems to be a social creature, but doesn't like other certain rare species, such as The Red Van Man, General McCutcheon, or Field Man. He's very irrisponsible. His main attacks are Shining the laer in peoples eyes, Trickery, and eating people. His Allies are John Smith, The Binman, Little K, and Tubs The Magic Dragon.
Binman- And Lets go See The Villigers guize
John Smith- And The Fuse
Little K- I want to go home
Tubs The Magic Dragon- MTFC stop shining the lazer in people's eyes
by Crystal_Dragon December 30, 2010
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