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mr steal yo girl
msyg is short from its mr steal yo girl from bottoms up from trey songs
by msyg October 13, 2010
Mr. Steal Yo Girl. This is usually a male of any age who is infamous for hooking up with/seducing/causing the break up of other guy's girlfriends/wives. Mr. Steal Yo Girl is almost always in denial and will project his MSYG title onto others, particularly close friends.

Recently, mathematicians have derived a formula to calculate MSYG status:

MSYG= (# of Girls Stolen)^2*(Number of Times Stolen/Girl)
Mike- Hey dude, Donald keeps eyein' my girl, I don't like it.

Ryan- Yeah man, he's widely known as MSYG.

Kyle: I wanna go make moves on Pam, but I think Donny might be tryin' to hit that.
Ryan: Nah man, Pam's single, Donald is MSYG.

Donald: That's BS, I am not MSYG, you are!
by ElDoctorRyan February 21, 2015
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