Short for "Mary Sue Torture" Usually used in fanfiction. A form of mockery in which an author takes another author's piece, and breaks it up. They generally mock each and every line, pointing out any and all typos and/or grammatical errors along the way.
Work being MST'd: And he carryed her back to merkenwood,
Author MST-ing: O.O I don't even know where to start on that one...
by Twitch February 11, 2004
money spending therapy!!

the glorious moment when one can 'cut loose' from 'saving' and 'shop' some magic item. -like the day your dad took you to the bicycle shop to get that new red bicycle! (OR guitar store/guitar) -when money can be used for a 'fun' item or 'toy'!!
i've been eating this bird seed all week, tonight i'm going for some M.S.T. and getting me some sushi!!

i'm tired of using these cheap 'prophos' i'm going to walk on the wild side and M.S.T. me some FOUREX!!

i'm going to M.S.T. me some Chateau Rothschild tonight instead of this wild irish rose!!
by michael foolsley April 02, 2010
Short for "Money Saving Tip". Coined by actor/comedian Dewayne Perkins.
MST: When staying at a hotel, immediately put all cosmetic products into a bag, then call housekeeping claiming to not have been issued the products in the first place, then repeat twice a day, until you have as many as possible.
by Quik Chris June 05, 2009
Short for michigans sexiest teens, one of many schools were sexy kids go to learn math science and technology
pick up line: You look like u go to MST.
by sexy stud December 15, 2007
michigans sexiest teens, a special school were sexy kids go to learn math science and technology
pick up line: You look like u go to MST.
by sexy teenager December 08, 2007
duPont Manual High School's Math Science Technology program. Pure evil. With Mr. and Mrs. Z and Sha-- Ms. Johnson.
DUDE did you have all of your MST classes today?
by manualfreak March 20, 2008
A tattoo on a female's lower back - an acronym representing "mid section tattoo" or alternatively "money shot target".
"Dude, check out the MST on that chick! I'd hit that all night!"
by desertdragon February 01, 2005

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