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Short for:
"MSN Messenger-Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder."

The agreesive habit of having to always be changing, or in the process of changing your appearance to others on their contact list.
1) Changing your display name or picture in accordance with every second of your mood. So people feel guilty when they see your depressive display name (or picture) and then are forced to ask: "*sigh* What's wrong this time Edwina? Did you break-up with your boyfriend again?" or "Dude, did you and your girl get in another Emo-Fight?"

2) Writing "LOL WHOEVER YOU'RE SO FUNNY" for a short length of time in your display name, just to show everyone how grateful you are to this now e-stigmatized friend of yours.

3) Leaving a particular song on pause through Windows Media Player, so he/she thinks that your playing "Your Song" on loop because you missed them so0o0o0o much. (Whilst your play your music through Winamp or iTunes.) Meanwhile, he/she comes crawling back. Saves apologizing.

4) Pornographic Display Pictures. MSN Messenger is also a business tool. Please.

5) And any or all of the following:
-More than 3 display picture changes per day.
-More than 3 screen name changes per day.
-More than 500 status changes per day. (ie. Away, Busy, On The Phone)
-More than 5 simultaneous conversations.
-More than 2 simultaneous file sharing processes.
-More than 100 Contacts.
-Having more than 2 (or etc.) e-mail addresses to allow room for all of your contacts, this is the deadliest sign of MSNMADHD.
by David Forge (h.g,p,) November 07, 2005
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