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It is when you are talking on msn with someone but they are not responding back. They are doing their best to ignore you.
Hey man why are you being so msn-emo? I can't negotiate what I want with you anymore. Everything just leads to your own affinity for nescience.
by gnomes-G October 23, 2005

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Someone who acts normal in life but acts emo on msn and acts like they are unloved and hated by all.
Person 1: Hey how u going. go on msn tonight
Person 2: You better not act like an MSN Emo again
Person 1:huh?
Person 1 (msn):nobody loves me, i have no friends, i wanna die, im a bitch
Person 2 (msn)Here we go again.....
by My NAme is great March 04, 2009