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basically a game me and a friend created. played by two or more people on typically msn or another IM

1.preson A selects a question/statement and sends to person B
2. person B then tells A how many contacts they have online
3. A selects a contact and B has to send the statement/question to tht person WITHOUT telling them its a game
4.b then copy and paste's the convo to A
to see what the contact said in reply
a worked example of msn roulette
A: 'i want you tonight'
B ok i have 32 people online
A: hmm contact number 17
B ahh ffs its my cousin
A give one
B B says:
i want you tonight

contact 17 says:
what the fu*k no way!
A: hahahahaha dude that was sweet
by doodeyboob May 22, 2009
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