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material engineering or material science engineering. Combines chemistry, math, physics and engineering.
Want to learn about semiconductors, composites, plastics, bio materials....etc? Become a mse major!
by llsfl November 20, 2007
Master of Search Engines.
Aneta: I cant find it
Aneta: ME
Aneta: master of search engines
Dune: no, i = MSE
by Benjamin D. Overson November 30, 2009
someone who lives a fantasy life on the computer, and seems much cooler online than in person. someone who is willing to do ANYTHING to get what they want. someone who is loud and obnoxious but the life of the party.
She drank so much she ended up dancing on the bar topless...what a Ms.E! ; She has 2500 friends on MySpace, and counts how many times her page is viewed...what a Ms.E!
by t-dog_823 March 23, 2009
An acronym used in blogging signifying the most significant event that occurred on that day. Typically it is placed in the title of the blog post.
MSE 2.8.11 - "I met my bffl for lunch today at a totally banging sushi spot.
by weckfaceagogo March 22, 2011
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