A hairdressers car. gay poof.
He drives a hairdressers car..its an MR2
by Nicky December 28, 2004
It honestly is a pos....
It's a failed attempt of a sports car, with no engineering or anything special to make it stand out.
200hp single turbo engine meant for a go-kart.
mid engine...doesnt make it a ferrari.
Oh, and you WILL spin out on a on-ramp. Enjoy :)
mr2 owner: dude...I spun out going 6 mph.
guy: Let me drive a mr2?
mr2 owner: yea....
guy: your car is also slow.
mr2 owner: I noticed.
by twin turbo February 27, 2006
A little red sporty barbie car thats likes a homo sitting in the driver's seat. Often heard miles before seen. When painting interior to match exterior color, make sure you get the fading too.

Car Recommend
-BMW M3, M5
MMMMM The sweet, sweet sound of a ratling heat shield off an mr2...its like SEX...or masturbating with your mom in mind.
by Mikelo October 31, 2005

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