Pitier of fools. His real name is B A Baracka
Seen all that bling bling mr t wears. He is a pimp. He will also be joining the pimp region or pimpage.
by jamezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz December 15, 2005
When you give someone a pearl necklace and then proceed to piss on it.
Toddbert: I totally gave Sally a Mr. T last night! I pity the foo who don't let Toddbert piss on their neck!"
by LeahIsRad August 27, 2009
1. A very stron] muscular guy who wears a large amount of "bling" and teaches kids to do good things
2. A very smexy guy who happens to go to JaJa's school, and she loves him so much even thought hes geeky and somewhat perverted.
Eh-mi-gawd! Mr. T just asked me out!

Treat her right...Treat your mother right!
by The Ja-Ja Writer March 17, 2009
Similar to an Abe Lincoln only with the Mr T you will need to shave the persons head. Cum on her face and down the center of her scalp, shave your pubic hair and stick it on your cum...all while saying eat your drugs, get 8 hours of milk, drink you sleep...or i Pity the fool
Did you hear about Kim? Yeah she got Mr T'd last night.
by Pink Panther24 January 08, 2010

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