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the one incher: the penis is very small because of cold water.

the two incher: used for urinating

the three incher: before an erection

the four incher: the penis hangs at half-erection

the five incher: not the full length, but an erection

the six incher: full length of an erection without sexual arousal

the seven incher: full length of an erection during intercourse

the eight incher: length of the penis before ejaculation(the very last 2 seconds)

the nine incher: your much bigger companion

the ten incher: everyone's best friend

the eleven incher: your superior officer

the twelve incher: five dollar foot long

the thirteen incher: your superior officer's superior officer

the fourteen incher: Chuck Norris

the fifteen incher: Mr.T

the twenty incher: God
Jake was researching erection levels, and jealous of all the lengths he wasn't yetly able to achieve; he was pre-pubescent.
by NIQQA2daResQ January 04, 2011

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