Moronic Rattle Throwers.

A new breed of the male species, born from the 21st century's metro-sexuality whereby the man in question is hyper sensitive and overly in touch with his emotions but too mentally stunted to express these through civilised means.

Asides from their good grooming/hygiene and sense of style, the metrosexual man also enjoys regular lengthy conversations, or "deep and meaningful's" to convey their most heartfelt emotions.

It is here however where the similarities end, a classic MRT will forgo the DM's in favour of a more childlike approach to conflict, in the form of what popular culture has named a Mantrum, hence the rattle throwing reference.
Allison : I forgot to return Gustavs call last week and now the little weiner is ignoring all of my messages.

Shaniqua : Gurrrrl, that's a classic case of MRT, Yo !

Allison : I agree Shaniqua, I agree.
by ZipIT November 20, 2012
A famous large black man who has been chronically overdosing on steroids, swag, golden accesories, and yes most likely crack ever since the 80's.
I'm buzzing way too hard, I feel like Mr.T.
by swolemeister November 28, 2013
Someone is killing in the MRT station again!?
by Ian Watk. December 03, 2006
The act of punching a bald man or woman in the face, cumming on their scalp, removing their pubes and arranging it like a Mohawk. This is an alternative option to the Abe Lincoln
Steve was embarrased at work after some one took the A-Team Halloween Office party a wee bit to seriously and gave him a Mr T.
by imoldgregg9669 February 13, 2011
Magister's Terrace---a level 70 instance in World of Warcraft
"looking for one more for MrT"
by JBHitman August 26, 2008
Mentally Retarded Female. Commonly mistaken for Mr. T, but when labeled "MR T" it in fact means the female is mentally retarded.
Male: "Who's Mr. T?"
Female: "I didn't want you to find out..."
Male: "You're a dude??"
Female: "No... I'm retarded. MRT... Mentally Retarded Female!"
by Bob Bliancho April 20, 2010
Pitier of fools. His real name is B A Baracka
Seen all that bling bling mr t wears. He is a pimp. He will also be joining the pimp region or pimpage.
by jamezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz December 15, 2005

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