a lot of times we hv probs to write a SMS & TO CHAT so mpt means empty
if u wanna write " you empty headed"
u can easily write " u mpt headed"

by fang2026 February 16, 2009
Top Definition
Million profile troll. A person who post on forum with a million profiles
Please leave MPT, we blocked you from this site because you are a pedophile and this is your 50th profile today
by thewizardsson February 26, 2010
An acronym. Originally thought to mean Manufacturing Process Technician by ordinary management. However,on the contrary, actually represents the hierarchy established in a world class plastic injection department. The Molding Process Technician (MPT) is a skilled craftsman at the science of plastic injection processes and all things related to injection moulding. A step under the engineer level. Not to be confused with Draken
He's an MPT for paint! That's can't be your ooyfm , MPTs only work in the injection zone. Oh in that case we should corn dog that wannabe.
by J⊙nZillA October 14, 2014
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