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Acronym: Missing Presumed Pissed: Used when persons do not show at work at the appointed time when there is no reasonable excuse other than excessive alcohol intake the previous night. Also used for any other inexplicable absence. The only valid excuse for tardiness. The term has a close association with being "As pissed as a mattress" ie having visited an establishment where "I know a place where they have food" or is otherwise skanky.
"Four drinking last night, and only one MPP ... Guess who?"
"How many MPP today?"
"Is Homer MPP?"
"Suomi boy has never been MPP ... yet"
"MPP? ... OOH, La-di-da"
by Taipei toecutter May 30, 2006
Maybe, Possibly, Perhaps. A way to indicate your unwillingness to answer a question, or to generally annoy a person who asks you a question.
Tom: Hey Jim! Did we have homework for tomorrow?
Jim: MPP
Tom: fine.... Hey! Do you remember Johns phone number?
Jim: MPP
Tom: Are you retarded?
Jim: MPP
by NKGW November 15, 2010
marc penis pic!!! can change the m with another letter such as;
tpp, app,bpp, ad soo on
lindsey wanted an mpp soo bad after a month he sent it to her
by emilysisawhore February 29, 2008
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