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Maybe, Possibly, Perhaps. A way to indicate your unwillingness to answer a question, or to generally annoy a person who asks you a question.
Tom: Hey Jim! Did we have homework for tomorrow?
Jim: MPP
Tom: fine.... Hey! Do you remember Johns phone number?
Jim: MPP
Tom: Are you retarded?
Jim: MPP
#maybe #possibly #perhaps #annoy #gay
by NKGW November 15, 2010
Multiple fails happening in succession or at the same time, to a single person, or to a group of people.
You try to convince your parents to buy a new dog, you fail at that, then you try hypnotizing them, and you fail again, and to top it all off you forget that you have 2 dogs already. = Polyfail
#fail #facepalm #shit #multiple #epic
by NKGW November 15, 2010
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