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Let's go to MPGH to get some uber hacks brah!
by MindTek June 29, 2009
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M: Multi - P: Player - G: Game - H:Hacks
Owned by Dave84311.
Made for the purpose of finding game exploits with memory, dll injections, and pure hack power.

Download Super Hack INCLUDES:
Quick Flag Cap
by quin123 October 17, 2006
Multi Player Game Hacking
A place where teens who suck at (fps) games gather.
there is the general section where nerds are desperately looking for attention from higher ranked nerds ( gaining respect from lower lifes is one of the main purposes from a mpgh member)
there is the market place where nerds are trying to make a quickbuck and cheapo's are attempting to score free vouchcopies.
some people also pay for certain tags and forum perks.
Aww shieeet i suck at games, lets download some cheats so people will think we are actually good > goes to MPGH
after downloading (FREE,spending money is not what you should be doing) cheats i should get more known on this virgin forum, its important that people with higher post counts respect me.>Spends 8 + hours a day behind a PC<
by sonyyyyk November 10, 2013
Warning you will get a virus or keylogger from this website
MPGH will can badly infect your computer from this website WARNING
avoid this website at all cost's.
by Arunforce February 03, 2012

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