movie popcorn drink
"hey you wana get some mpd saturday night?"

"look at that crazy mofo every time he goes to the movies he chants mpd mpd"

"i remember the days when mpd cost 10$ now its more than 20 at amc"

by elsworth1 April 14, 2009
MPD, stands for man period day. For the days wen ur bf or jst a male friend gets moody, lke he has a period.
Moody men = MPD
by Pheobethe March 24, 2010
Master Panty Dropper
John Legend's beats are so smooth; he's the MPD.
by Asna January 15, 2009
MPD is Multiple Personality Disorder, when one is that fucking insane, or has that many issues, they divide themselves into different personalities, each of which has a name.
For example, from Piers Anthony's Xanth series, the Demoness Metria, who gained Demoness Mentia, or D.Mentia. (Anthony is noted for his ridiculous puns) and Woe Betide, after she acquired a soul.
by Leiko October 05, 2004

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