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Another phrase for "most likely"
"Yo b you comin' out tonight?"
"Moretime yeah"
by Elcon January 24, 2008
An often pointless expression, used to express the need for more time, or simply to irritate a teacher.
Sunny: 'MORE TIME'
Elliot: 'MORE TIME!!!!!!!!!'
*Teacher gives out detention*
by The_dark_08 May 03, 2009
English speaking philipino giberish for accomplishing more of something or having accomplished something significant

Comes from a urban part of Toronto where the philipino people wake up every morning and put on a face, they literarly believe they were born black.
Jay : eh yo i dun sold a dego of this BOMB ses to this cat
Jay's black friend : yooo moretimes!!!
by Darome September 17, 2010
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