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An acronym standing for "Make Out City" usually the place you go with a girl/guy when you think he/he is really hot and you want to "swap some spit" or "french it up". Mostly pertaining to young, hormonal couples or "make-out buddies" for those of you who are lucky. Also known as first base or just plain, classic making out.
Gerardo: So yeah, my woman came came over yesterday.
Other Dude: Did you guys go to M.O.C?
Gerardo: You know it brraaaahhhhh!!!
by SlowLeafyTree May 03, 2010
Men of Color. Used in the gay community do describe guys of darker ethnicities
Jack: I'm really only into MOC.

John: So, you basically mean anyone except for white?

Jack: Yes.
by SummerBeachBum January 25, 2013
Monster of Cock. describes any male with a penis above that of the average. however one cannot claim that they are a MOC but it must be witnessed and varified by another more impartial person.
"i accidentally looked a Jeff's groin in the changing rooms. That kids a MOC!"
by ljm18 January 14, 2007