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Also commonly written as "MMAth", it is a logically fallacy often relied upon by casual MMA fans, or trolls, to discredit a fighter's chances in an upcoming bout.

It is a fallacy because it attempts to evaluate the outcome of a prospective fight between two distinct fighters on the basis of their relative performance against some other common opponent in the past. It is a shortcut for casual fans to have something to say in a conversation regarding a sport about which they clearly know nothing. Rather than evaluating the prospective outcome of a fight on the basis of competing skill sets, MMath is shorthand for idiots.

It is actually much more than a fallacy as it has proven time and time again to be a worthless and overwhelmingly unreliable assessment of fighter performance since it discounts the possibility that fighters are capable of improving (or deteriorating), adopting different strategies and training camps, and incorporating new skill sets every fight.

A>B>C ≠ A>C, especially where the phenomenon of "C" kicking the shit out of "A" is observable on a regular basis. There can be many variations, but the fundamental fallacy remains true in all cases.
"Fighter 'A' has previously defeated Fighter 'B'. Fighter 'B' has previously defeated Fighter 'C'. Therefore, Fighter 'A' will destroy Fighter 'C'."

"Stop it. You're using MMA math. You're an idiot."
by Geraje Guzba October 30, 2013
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