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An MMA post whore or a Lindsay Lohan can often be found screaming for attention from your nearest MMA forum, adding little if nothing to the discussion and more often than not leaving irrelevant one smilie posts. They can often be seen popping up in any and every thread no matter how little knowledge they have on the subject, for the love of God, do not let these fiends loose with on any site that has a poll option, they go crazy for that shit.
However in the war against post whoring MMA launched its latest most effective ever deterrent, simply named a "Draylor" or "that bastard Draylor". So far the effects have been a ruthless but effective "shoot first, ask questions later" policy.
Wolfgang666, mobboss, gogogadget, 314159, SLaNGiN, krushdnasty, crossdx, joecrack, mrmagoo421

Often imitated usernames for being an mma post whore.
by KrushdNasty February 10, 2008
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