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2011 in Roman Numerals, M meaning 1000, X meaning 10, and I meaning 1. A soon to be great year in history, as well.
I will graduate in MMXI
by Evil Turtle January 01, 2010
It's the year 2011 in. Calum hood has it tattooed on his shoulder blade because that's the year 5 Seconds Of Summer Formed.
Oh 5SOS formed In MMXI
by Destinyalfakiss November 12, 2014
The most boring year so far. This is only because I want to contradict with what the last guy said EXCACTLY a year ago.

Oh....... MMX1 means 2011......
MMXI means 2011, does it, umm..., umm... kill mee
by xi Sparked ix January 01, 2011
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